HEalth n Safety

Health & Safety

We are delighted to be able to offer our Contractors access to our online portal that provides contractors with practical advice and guidance to their legal responsibilities. Whether it’s providing a template on how to handle bitumen or operate a ladder then documents are on hand. Alternatively, if starting a fresh and need hand holding through the process of creating a H&S Policy then we have an app that help you do this. And if you can’t find what you need on the site, we have experts on hand to provide live assistance.

Business Emergency

Business premises are often the hubs to many contractor’s business and will affect the smooth running if they have to close. So what happens if there is a power failure, a broken window or some tampers with the locks and the yard can’t be open. Our Emergency Service provides a tradesman on site to effect a repair up to the value of £500 whenever you have an issue that stops you from working.

Legal Docs

Legal Document Library

Employing a solicitor to draft contracts can be expensive so here is a quick and easy way of reducing your costs. The online portal provides over 400 document templates that cover employment contracts, sales of goods, partnership agreements, terms of business in fact most documents a contractor might need.