About Us

Understanding how a Contractor works has been part of our passion for many years. We have made sure our team engage with our contracting customers to fully understand their issues and needs. To find out what is important to them. At first, we were surprised it wasn’t insurance …. But then again that’s why you need us.

We found that our customers wanted to ensure that they were adequately covered but needed it at a competitively priced rate. The insurer doesn’t have to be a household name, but they need to be secure and listed on large contractor’s acceptable insurer lists to allow contractors to work on any site. Their claims also need to pay quickly when it concerns the Contractor but if it’s a third party wanting to claim from them then they need to fight a payment wherever possible to ensure they protect future premium costs.

Then we set about creating CONTRACTORS COVER a business focussed on providing Contractors with innovative insurance solutions from secure ‘A’ rated insurers. We have also engaged with other business and services to provide advice on Health & Safety, Debt Collection, Contract Law, Employment issues and even training your staff to create solutions to help.